Say it ain’t so Marty…

Who do you think of when you see that mask? Yes, Martin Brodeur, the back stop and heart and soul of the Devils since the 1993-94 season. He has worn the same mask style ever since he was called up to the big club on a permanent basis. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this bit of news on the Devils website. He donned his new mask for the first time in practice today. Here is another shot. No action shots as of yet. The new logo on top of the mask is set to appear in Friday’s season opener, which coincides with the launch of his new website,

I pray to God that this is a one off kind of deal. I love Marty, he is my childhood idol, but this enters the territory of shameless self promotion in my book. I hope we see it once and then he goes back to the normal mask. I have a feeling that if the Devils lose and Marty plays bad, we will never see it again.

Here is a picture gallery of how they designed the new mask. While I dislike the new design, it is very interesting to see how the process of designing and painting a mask happens. Check it out.


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