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Wowza, I have been falling behind here. Real life gets in the way all the time. But I wanted to share with you one of the best sweater moments this year…. the New Jersey Devils broke out the retro sweaters for St. Patrick’s Day (an aside: I hate when people call is St. Paddy’s Day. The man’s name was Patrick and he was not some drunkard named Paddy. So use his real name for the sake of Ireland!) Any who, no one calls this guy “Paddy,” but in true Czech style there is no “c” in Patrik. This may be my favorite photo of the evening. I am afraid Zubrus is going to eat Bryce, but just look at the sweaters, they are beautiful. Finally Marty went all out with a retro mask and red sticks. If you look closely you can see he has #29 on the backplate of his mask, the original number he wore when he broke into the NHL. Check out for some more action shots.


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