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A Sweater Look: 2010 IIHF Div. IIA Championships

The 2010 IIHF Div. IIA Championships took place in from April 11 to April 17 in Mexico City, Mexico. Spain won the group with a perfect 5-0-0 record and will play in Div. IA next year. Here is the list of teams and what they wore.

1. Spain WR: 30; 5-0-0-0. Black and White. Kind of reminds me of McDonald’s only with some black.

2. Australia WR: 34; 4-0-0-1. White. Only wore whites as far as I can tell

3. Belgium WR: 36; 3-0-0-2. Black. Another team with only one color sweater.

4. Bulgaria WR: 31; 2-0-0-3. White and Red. Picture of the red is not the best, but it appears to be the same style as the white.

5. Mexico WR: 32; 1-0-0-4. White and Green.

6. Turkey WR: 35; 0-0-0-5. White and Red.


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