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A Sweater Look: 2010 IIHF Div. IIIA Championship

The 2010 IIHF Division IIIA Championships took place in Luxembourg on April 14-17. Ireland was a perfect 3-0 and will move up to play in division II next year. Here are a look at what the teams wore.

Ireland WR: 42 – 1st Place. I could only find the team wearing white. The addition of green pants is better than the black they use to wear.

Greece WR: 46 – 2nd Place. Blue and White

Luxembourg WR: 44 – 3rd Place. Blue and White. I have no clue about the flames.

United Arab Emirates WR: NR – 4th Place. I could only find pictures of them wearing red. But I know they wear white based on the pictures from the 2010 Challenge cup of Asia.

Look out for Sweater Looks from Divisions II and I next week as we gear up for the 2010 World Championships in Germany.


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Something Different

I am not a video editor by any stretch of the imagination, but I had an idea recently and decided to make this video. My first try with iMove on a Mac. I think it came out OK. Leave comments and feedback about what you live for in the NHL Playoffs.

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A Sweater Look: IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia 2010

The IIHF Challenge Cup of Asia took place from March 29 until April 4 in Taipei City, Taipei. 9 teams from Asia and the Middle East comprised the field with the home team Taipei taking home the title. Below are pictures of the sweaters worn by each team in the tournament. Check out the IIHF site for more game info and pictures.

Chinese Taipei WR : NR – 1st Place – White and Red. Montreal Canadiens style. I like it.

Hong Kong WR: NR – 5th Place – White and Red

Kuwait WR: NR – 7th Place – Blue and Red. No idea how blue fits into the color scheme.

Macau WR : NR – 8th Place – White and Red. Minnesota Wild template on both.

Malaysia WR : NR – 4th Place – White and Blue

Mongolia WR: 45th – 6th Place – White and Powder Blue

Singapore WR : NR – 9th Place – White/Black. I literally have no idea what is going on with the sweater/uniform here. I am at a loss for words.

Thailand WR: NR – 3rd Place – White and Black. Reminds of the German team template. There is a Thai flag on the right shoulder.

United Arab Emirates WR : NR – 2nd Place – Red and White

Stay tuned for more 2010 Sweater Looks.

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IIHF World Championships

Well, hello. I am working on many things right now, but I have noticed the IIHF is doing a great job covering the many different levels of the World Championships from III to I. Look out in the coming weeks for a breakdown of each tournament.

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