Q: Who are you and what do you do?

A: Whoa, take it easy. Is this the inquisition? I am Mike Kemezis and I am currently a student at Holy Cross in beautiful Worcester, MA. I am majoring in history and I work at the College radio as both a music director and member of the Sports Radio executive board. I am also a huge sports nuts, with hockey being my specialty.

Q: Why start a blog at all?

A: I have been toying with the idea for a while. I have made other short lived blogs about a variety of things, but I wanted to actually make one that would have staying power. There are many blogs of all shapes and sizes, and not to mention many about sports. My whole life I have liked jerseys and sweaters of all sorts, even trying to make my own as a kid. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon Uni Watch and Paul Lukas that I found the perfect thing on the web for me. After a year and a half of reading Uni Watch, I have decided to dip my pen in the proverbial ink.

Q: Hockey Uniforms? What gives?

A: As I stated above, I LOVE hockey. I have reached a point in my life when I can watch any hockey game, be it NHL, AHL, SEL, British Elite League, Collegiate, Juniors, heck High School JV, and become interested. Due to my “problem” I feel that there should be a blog solely dedicated to hockey uniforms and all their quirks. From the Flyer’s Cooperalls to the new RBK Edge system, I love to talk about them all.

Q: What’s with the name? Will you only talk about Sweaters?

A: I chose the name because I think its short enough to remember, but yet distinct. There is an old school feel to it as well. I could have used “Jerseys” instead of “Sweaters” but I want to stay true to the history and the spirit of the game.

Q: Any parting words?

A: Jeeze, calm down buddy. This is my blog after all. But yes, I have plans for this blog. I have some concepts I want to share, some of my favorite jerseys and logos I want to bring to your attention, and some of my insight into the wonderful world of hockey sweaters and everything that goes along with them.