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Sweet Pads VI

Jack Campbell back stopped the US U-20 team to a bronze medal in this year’s tournament held in Buffalo, NY. And he did so in style. The stars and stripes motif on his legs pads blocker and glove was tastefully done. The pads give off a very patriotic feel while not being over the top or gaudy in any way. Too bad he was the only player to show up in the semi-final 4-1 loss to Canada. Add this honor to your best goaltender of the tournament award Mr. Campbell, you are now forever enshrined in The Sweet Pads Hall of Fame.


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New Blog – Forgotten Goaltender

Check out my new blog Forgotten Goaltender. I have always loved the goalie position and now my new blog will chronicle the men behind the mask that may have had one or two outstanding seasons, but then faded away into obscurity. If you have any suggestions for goalies to cover, leave me a comment.

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Sweet Pads V

I have been meaning to update this when I first saw Pascal Leclaire in action this season for the Senators. His leg pads are pretty sweet. They are simple yet tie in very well with the teams colors and motif and a nod to the history of the Senator’s past. He also has a matching blocker. Now only if the pads made the keeper, Ottawa would be set in net and not have to platoon Leclaire with Brian Elliot, Mike Brodeur (no relation to Martin, but not according to Mike who claims they are cousins. Yea right dream on buddy) and Ray Emery…. Oh wait, never mind. Welcome to the Sweet Pads Hall of Fame Pascal.

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Sweet Pads IV

This is old news to most people, and I would have mentioned it earlier, but it was hard to find pictures at first. But Trevor Leahy , a prep hockey player, has desinged some interesting pads. The pads are suppose to look like netting of an open goal, to atttempt to fool the shooter into shooting at them, thinking he is shooting at an empty net. There has been some debate about the ‘ethics’ of this move. Is it cheating? Frankly, I am not too interested in that. I am more interested in just seeing the pads as something different and creative. Trevor, welcome to the Sweet Pads Hall of Fame.

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Sweet Pads III

Our first Sweet Pads post that comes from the NHL. Last month Carey Price wore some sweet throwback pads in commemoration of the Habs Centenial celebration. The jerseys themselves, which the team wore between the years of 1913-1916,  are pretty sweet too. But the pads are not a sweet as these ones he wore for a photo-op. Check the article for the process of making the new “Old School” pads and how the photo shoot may have cost Price some time on the IR.

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He Wore THAT Number?!?! Part I

There are certain players in the history of hockey that become associated with one number. But some of those players we associate with a particular number that we think they have worn their whole career, may have in fact not always worn the number we think they did. I did some research into this and found some noteworthy players that have worn numbers that they were not and will not be remembered for. I did not count numbers worn in International games and All Star games due to the fact it would take waaayyy too much time and preseason game are out as well since, you know, they don’t count. So here is part 1 in alphabetical order…

Ed Belfour – #20

Wether playing for the Stars, Panthers, Maple Leafs, Sharks or even Leksands IF in Sweden I always remember Eddie the Eagle wearing number 20, a strange number for a keeper. But many of you may remeber, unlike myself, when he wore #30 for the Hawks from 1990-1994. But did you also know he wore #31 in 1989?

Ray Bourque – 77

Raymond Bourque, Boston legend. He will always be remembered wearing a #77 sweater for the Bruins, and to a lesser extent, the Avalanche. But I am not sure how many people know that he wore #7 from 1980-1988, only changing to double 7s when Phil Esposito’s #7 was retired by the Bs.

Martin Brodeur – #30

Our first active player on the list. Marty has been wearing #30 since his stellar rookie year of 1993-94 when he captured the Calder and heart of yours truly. But did you know that when he first came up he wore #29 for 4 games in 1992?

Paul Coffey – #77

After his first seven seasons in Edmonton, where he wore #7, he doubled it up in Pittsburgh to #77. He wore that number in many other stops except for Boston. There we switched to #74 for the 2000-2001 season, which was his last.

Rick DiPietro – #39

While a good keeper, he is no where near as accomplished as others on this list. I include him because everyone in the game knows how he is and that he signed a 15 year contract and is now 3 years into an injury plagued career under that contract. But from 2001-2003 DiPi wore #1.

Grant Fuhr – #31

Grant Fuhr was the backbone to the Oilers dynasty in the mid 80s and had is #31 sweater retired by the Oilers. He also wore the number at other stops in his Hall of Fame career. But from 1982 to 1983 he donned #1 for Edmonton while in net.

Thanks to for the sweaters used in the post.


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I Fear this is becoming the Luongo Watch…

We have all seen this before. But today, as I check my internet sources, I came across these shenanigans. Not only does he have 2 masks, which is becoming somewhat of a trend recently, but it also has the ‘C’ in white this time. When will it stop? And when will I be able to move on from this. I seriously think I have a problem. Thanks to icethetics for the find and keeping my neurosis up to date.

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