Rules Need Not Apply

First off, I am back and with vengeance (no not really). But with the start of a new season, I thought I would get back into this blog business. You all know about the 3rd sweater being reintroduced into the league this year and I may handle that in due time. But there are more pressing issues. For those of you who may not know, Roberto Luongo was recently named captain by the Canucks.¬† Which is all in good, because Martin Brodeur has been cited the true captain of the Devils by many, but he does not wear the ‘C’. Why may you ask? Oh, because there is this thing called a rule stating that goalies cannot wear the captain’s ‘C’. Check it out here under ‘d’. Clean and simple right? Well that trickster Luongo (who according to Hockey News is better than Marty Brodeur, despite not winning a playoff series in his career) has done this!. Yes, that is a C on his mask. I give him credit for finding a loophole in the rule. I would imagine this is the talk of the town out in Vancouver, because ya know, there is not much to talk about when it comes to the rest of the Canucks. I will be following any developments in this scandalous story.


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