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Sweet Pads IV

This is old news to most people, and I would have mentioned it earlier, but it was hard to find pictures at first. But Trevor Leahy , a prep hockey player, has desinged some interesting pads. The pads are suppose to look like netting of an open goal, to atttempt to fool the shooter into shooting at them, thinking he is shooting at an empty net. There has been some debate about the ‘ethics’ of this move. Is it cheating? Frankly, I am not too interested in that. I am more interested in just seeing the pads as something different and creative. Trevor, welcome to the Sweet Pads Hall of Fame.


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World Championships…

I am not sure if this is common knowledge, but I have been blogging from Europe, Ireland to be exact, since September. So this offers me the unique opportunity to do things that I would not be able to do back in the good ol’ North America. Besides drinking legally before I am 21, I will also be able to attend this year’s IIHF World Championship in Switzerland. I have my tickets already for what should be a great trip. I will get to see Canada take on Belarus and the USA play Latvia. I will have my camera to take many great action shots and if its not too creepy, some great sweaters wore by the spectators.  There is also the possibility I will be heading to a IIHF Division I final as well. Stay tuned…

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