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Sweater of the Week of 1/9: California Golden Seals


A new segment if you will. This weeks selection is the dark sweater of the California Golden Seals. This was the last of three different style of sweaters won by the Seals/Golden Seals in their brief history from 1967 to 1976.  Since I am a believer that digital reproductions of sweaters, while helpful and fun, are not enough, here are some shots of the entire uniform on some Golden Seals players:  Jim Neilson, Bob Murdoch, and Giles Meloche.

A little tid-bit about the Seals, they were essentially contracted and were meshed with the Minnesota North Stars. When the San Jose Sharks came into existence they had some deal where they took a few players from the North Stars, essentially undoing the contraction that took place in the late-70’s.


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