New Blog – Forgotten Goaltender

Check out my new blog Forgotten Goaltender. I have always loved the goalie position and now my new blog will chronicle the men behind the mask that may have had one or two outstanding seasons, but then faded away into obscurity. If you have any suggestions for goalies to cover, leave me a comment.


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NCAA Northeast Regional

What did you do this weekend? Well, I had a front row seat to the NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Northeast Regional in Worcester. I saw Alaska play BC and Yale play North Dakota on Saturday. And then saw a wild one Sunday with BC beating Yale 9-7 to advance to the Frozen Four in Detroit. Exciting enjoyable game right? Not so for me. I was writing goal descriptions for the games and ended up writing 16 for the Sunday game. 16! The most goals scored in a regional game since the tournament was laid out with 16 teams in 4 regions. Just my luck. Any way, I am rooting for RIT in the Frozen Four. Make Atlantic Hockey proud!

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Sweet Pads V

I have been meaning to update this when I first saw Pascal Leclaire in action this season for the Senators. His leg pads are pretty sweet. They are simple yet tie in very well with the teams colors and motif and a nod to the history of the Senator’s past. He also has a matching blocker. Now only if the pads made the keeper, Ottawa would be set in net and not have to platoon Leclaire with Brian Elliot, Mike Brodeur (no relation to Martin, but not according to Mike who claims they are cousins. Yea right dream on buddy) and Ray Emery…. Oh wait, never mind. Welcome to the Sweet Pads Hall of Fame Pascal.

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Wowza, I have been falling behind here. Real life gets in the way all the time. But I wanted to share with you one of the best sweater moments this year…. the New Jersey Devils broke out the retro sweaters for St. Patrick’s Day (an aside: I hate when people call is St. Paddy’s Day. The man’s name was Patrick and he was not some drunkard named Paddy. So use his real name for the sake of Ireland!) Any who, no one calls this guy “Paddy,” but in true Czech style there is no “c” in Patrik. This may be my favorite photo of the evening. I am afraid Zubrus is going to eat Bryce, but just look at the sweaters, they are beautiful. Finally Marty went all out with a retro mask and red sticks. If you look closely you can see he has #29 on the backplate of his mask, the original number he wore when he broke into the NHL. Check out for some more action shots.

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New Year New Coverage


I have slacked off a bit here over the summer. It is amazing how much real life can put a damper on things. I will spend a lot of time looking at the new sweaters that will be coming out for the upcoming Olympics. I will also be updating the page from the World Championships last year, so make sure to check those out. Look out for He Wore THAT Number!?!? Part III to tied you all over until the season begins. As well as other uniform oddities and stories that I find on this interweb.

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He Wore THAT Number?!?! Part II

There are certain players in the history of hockey that become associated with one number. But some of those players we associate with a particular number that we think they have worn their whole career, may have in fact not always worn the number we think they did. I did some research into this and found some noteworthy players that have worn numbers that they were not and will not be remembered for. I did not count numbers worn in International games and All Star games due to the fact it would take waaayyy too much time and preseason game are out as well since, you know, they don’t count.

If you have tuned in and missed Part I, go here to read it, or you may not understand the plot.

So here is part 2 in alphabetical order…

Ryan Getzlaf – #15

A very young super star in the making out in Cali. He is known for his number 15. But in his rookie year he wore the reverse, number 51.

J.S. Giguere  – #35

Yet another (Mighty) Duck.  J.S. came into the national spot light in the Cup run of 2003, where he wore #35, which he still wears today. But in his previous 2 stops, Hartford (96-97) and Calgary (98-00) he wore the unusual #47.

Doug Gilmour – #93

The well traveled Doug Gilmour wore #93 in five different stops. In chronological order Maple Leafs, Devils, Blackhawks, Sabres, Canadiens and Leafs again. But he wore three different numbers with his first two teams. His rookie year he wore #18 for the Blues, along with #9. Then in Calgary he wore #39.

Dominik Hasek – #39

When one thinks of the “Dominator”, he associates the player with the #39. He wore that number in Buffalo (old and new, but not the slug), Ottawa and Detriot. But for his rookie season in Chicago he wore #34 and for his second he wore #31.

Ron Hextall – #27

While not a normal number for a keeper, Ron Hextall owned #27 in Philly. He also wore the number in 92-93 while in Quebec. But, in what I would consider the weirdest sight pretaining to a goalie, Hextall switched te two numbers and wore #72 for the Islanders in 93-94.

Bobby Holik – #16

Bobby Holik wore #16 since he arrived in New Jersey in 92-93. He wore #16 in New York and Atlanta. When he came back to New Jersey he took back #16 from Dainius Zubrus. But when he played in Hartford he wore #24.

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Well hello there. It has been awhile. I was busy with some trivial things, like moving back home from Europe and starting work to pay back my mountains of debt I accumulated while abroad, you know, nothing major. But I will be writing semi-regularly over the summer, with updates and some new content. I would also like you all to welcome my new publist, Sam. She is pretty cool so be nice (don’t worry nothing will change, its just that your best kept secret on the internet will npt be much of a secret anymore).  Look out for the long awaited second installment of “He Wore THAT Number!?!?

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