A Sweater Look: 2010 IIHF Div. IIIA Championship

The 2010 IIHF Division IIIA Championships took place in Luxembourg on April 14-17. Ireland was a perfect 3-0 and will move up to play in division II next year. Here are a look at what the teams wore.

Ireland WR: 42 – 1st Place. I could only find the team wearing white. The addition of green pants is better than the black they use to wear.

Greece WR: 46 – 2nd Place. Blue and White

Luxembourg WR: 44 – 3rd Place. Blue and White. I have no clue about the flames.

United Arab Emirates WR: NR – 4th Place. I could only find pictures of them wearing red. But I know they wear white based on the pictures from the 2010 Challenge cup of Asia.

Look out for Sweater Looks from Divisions II and I next week as we gear up for the 2010 World Championships in Germany.


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