He Wore THAT Number?!?! Part II

There are certain players in the history of hockey that become associated with one number. But some of those players we associate with a particular number that we think they have worn their whole career, may have in fact not always worn the number we think they did. I did some research into this and found some noteworthy players that have worn numbers that they were not and will not be remembered for. I did not count numbers worn in International games and All Star games due to the fact it would take waaayyy too much time and preseason game are out as well since, you know, they don’t count.

If you have tuned in and missed Part I, go here to read it, or you may not understand the plot.

So here is part 2 in alphabetical order…

Ryan Getzlaf – #15

A very young super star in the making out in Cali. He is known for his number 15. But in his rookie year he wore the reverse, number 51.

J.S. Giguere  – #35

Yet another (Mighty) Duck.  J.S. came into the national spot light in the Cup run of 2003, where he wore #35, which he still wears today. But in his previous 2 stops, Hartford (96-97) and Calgary (98-00) he wore the unusual #47.

Doug Gilmour – #93

The well traveled Doug Gilmour wore #93 in five different stops. In chronological order Maple Leafs, Devils, Blackhawks, Sabres, Canadiens and Leafs again. But he wore three different numbers with his first two teams. His rookie year he wore #18 for the Blues, along with #9. Then in Calgary he wore #39.

Dominik Hasek – #39

When one thinks of the “Dominator”, he associates the player with the #39. He wore that number in Buffalo (old and new, but not the slug), Ottawa and Detriot. But for his rookie season in Chicago he wore #34 and for his second he wore #31.

Ron Hextall – #27

While not a normal number for a keeper, Ron Hextall owned #27 in Philly. He also wore the number in 92-93 while in Quebec. But, in what I would consider the weirdest sight pretaining to a goalie, Hextall switched te two numbers and wore #72 for the Islanders in 93-94.

Bobby Holik – #16

Bobby Holik wore #16 since he arrived in New Jersey in 92-93. He wore #16 in New York and Atlanta. When he came back to New Jersey he took back #16 from Dainius Zubrus. But when he played in Hartford he wore #24.


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