What a Beaut!

Would you look at that? That, my friends, is something I have been trying to lay my hands on for the better part of 3 years. It is a t-shirt/jersey/sweater from the Lithuanian ice hockey team. I could not find a true jersey, but this is more then satisfactory. For about 100Lt. or about $37.75, I procured what, until recently was my Holy Grail. It is a little flimsy, but I think even the sweaters were of the same quality.  How could this purchase be even sweeter? Well just look at the back. Yes, it is a Dainius Zubrus sweater too, the most famous Lithuanian player, who happens to play for my favorite Devils. There is even a Championship ‘patch’ along with the federation emblem. The best part is the crest, which is the Lithuanian crest the ‘Vytis‘. I also got some other little souvenirs. This must rank up there in my top-10 purchases of all time. Right next to my Tampa Bay Lightning 90’s third jersey.

See pictures from the games as well here.



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2 responses to “What a Beaut!

  1. xunearthhxcx

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  2. xunearthhxcx


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