Insomnia Special: Jersey and Logos from The Habs

mtl25While waiting for the Devils, who are playing the Kings in LA, to start their game, a 3:30 AM start in Western Europe for those keeping score, I do what I usually do, surf the ‘net for hockey related tidbits. I came across a cool site about the History of the Canadiens, while looking for a picture of the Montreal Canadiens 1912-13 Centenial replica, which has become my favorite sweater this year. One page in particular caught my attention, the Jersey & Logo History. Even though they are illustrations, it gives you a good look at the Uni history of the Habs. Here are my highlights.

The teams first ever sweater used from 1909-1910 does not scream ‘Canadiens’ but is pretty cool.  So cool in fact the team will wear a replica of the sweater next year to commemorate their first ever game played. Here is a cool portrait style shot of the team wearing the sweater. The 1910-1911 sweater is also not what one would think of when Canadiens comes to mind, but the logo is pretty nice. The sweater will also be worn as part of the Centennial celebration . The 1911-1912 sweater sees the introduction of the Bleu, Blanc, and Rouge with a nifty vertical stripe down the middle to boot. Then my favorite sweater, the 1912-1913 ‘Barber Poll’ version. I dig the logo as well.  The other 1912-1913 sweater, which is a different version after the Ottawa Senators complained about that the ‘Barber Poll’ version,  sees the introduction of the “C” on the sweater and the following season an ‘A‘ is introduced inside the ‘C’. The 1915-1916 sweater was also part of the Centennial replica sweaters wore by the team this season. The ‘CH‘ logo was introduced the following season, and would stay on the sweater until present day. The only exception would be 1924-1925, when the ‘World Champion‘ logo was worn. The sweaters remain pretty much unchanged from that point til present day (1917-1923, 1941-1945, 1946-1974, 1974-2007).

Make sure to peruse the other parts of the site. There are some sweet pictures. I may do more about the site, but it is helping me build a back catalogue of photos to make the blog that much better.


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