You may not have noticed…

Marty Turco’s mask(s).

‘Tis the middle of the playoffs in the NHL, and the Devils are out. So now I can sit back and relax and watch and notice little things that a normal person should not. One thing that I have noticed these playoffs is Marty Turco. No, not that he finally won a playoff series, but his mask, or masks is more appropriate. It appears that he has a mask for his black sweater and one as well for his white. I noticed something different earlier in the season in regards to Turco, and I only recently put my finger on it. In doing research, I found that this is not the first time he has done this.

In the past two years Turco has used 4 masks. In 2006-07 he used this one with his white sweater and this one with the dark. The only other example I can think of when a goalie uses a completely different mask for different sweaters is Roberto Luongo and the Canuck’s throwback.

Marty kept up with trend of two different masks this year. He has one dark mask to go with the Stars all black ensemble, called Armor Gargoyles of Gold, and the white mask for the white get up is called White Sky Gargoyle. But the first appearance of the White Sky mask did not come until late January. Early in the season he only used the Armor Gargoyles of Gold when wearing white. The earliest photo I can find is from January 29th. I do not know why he decided to wear it that late. Maybe it wasn’t done yet? But next time you are watching the Stars, check out Marty and his mask(s).


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