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Welcome, make yourself at home. This is the Ice Hockey Sweater Blog, The Past, Present and Future of Hockey Uniforms. As the name states, this page will deal with hockey uniforms from past to the present. I have been inspired to undertake this blog mainly because of Paul Lukas and Uni Watch, which I have been reading for a year and a half now. I plan to post in this blog once a week. I have a few things that will be regular columns, such as my favorite uniforms and discussing some of my personal jerseys that I own. But if there is a development of some sort that must be addressed, I will turn to that.

Today I will just leave you with a picture of one of the best college hockey players in the nation, Ryan Jones. I was able to see this guy play this weekend over at the Northeast Regional for the NCAA Hockey Championships. A couple things to check out in the photo. One the Nike logo creep. I count five swooshes on the young man. Second the shoulder number on the jersey, which I thought only happened in the NHL. Third, check out that swweeeet flow. At his press conference I worked at someone asked him about his hair. He said he was growing it locks of love after he met a little girl with cancer. He is a great kid, but boy can he just destroy people with big hits on the ice. And finally look at his cage, I am not even sure it is snapped shut the whole time he is on the ice.



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7 responses to “Welcome to the Blog

  1. Joe D

    Great concept for a blog, I hope it goes well. There are two things I hope you can look into for me.

    First, I have a great fascination with hockey sweaters that have diagonal lettering. I’ve never seen a sweater with diagonal lettering I didn’t like. I hope sometime you can make a compilation of diagonal lettered sweaters because I know there are many college, amateur, or even NHL throwbacks I haven’t seen.

    Second, I’ve heard a rumor that up to 18 NHL teams will wear new 3rd jerseys next season. If you have any knowledge of which teams will have them or pictures of what they look like, I can’t wait to see them.

  2. E_Ro

    Mike, congrats/good luck with the new blog, I usually scan over uniwatch looking for hockey stuff, so I will definitely come here.

    Miami just started wearing the numbers there this year, and only on that alternate. I assume it was largely influenced by the buffalo sabres last year. Also I could be wrong, but I think they stopped wearing the modern- hawk logo sweater, which is good but I miss the old Miami Redskin shoulder patches

    I watched most of the regional games on espn U this weekend, I must say Colorado College won best dressed. The “boston bruin-esque” throwbacks against Michigan State were a thing of beauty. Another plus, I didn’t see anyone wearing the nike swift template.

  3. Mike E

    The reason for so many Swooshes is because the UofM(OH) team is sponsored by Nike Bauer

  4. Mike Kemezis

    I think your right E_Ro. I am looking through the Miami Media guide and I don’t see the Hawk logo on any of the jerseys. The shoulder number does appear to be new this year and the jersey does appear to be a 3rd jersey. would have though their white jerseys without a shoulder yolk would be better for the numbers on the shoulder because the one in the picture seems like more of a throwback. And Joe, that is a great idea, I will start working on it.

  5. Re: Diagonal lettering, I immediately think of Wisconsin, NY Rangers and two different Penguins eras.

    The Colorado Rangers in the IHL wore sweaters similar to their parent team…

    OH, and let’s not forget the Houston Aeros, Vancouver Blazers and San Diego Mariners of the WHA!

    Those are just off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s more.

  6. E_Ro

    These are the teams i’ve seen in diagonals this year.

    College hockey: Michigan’s maize sweaters , Northern Michigan’s whites, Michigan State’s whites, Wisconsin’s red and whites

    OHL: Saginaw Spirit’s red alternates, Plymouth Whalers’ greens, Kitchener Rangers

  7. Mike Kemezis

    I have started some research into diagonal jerseys in the NHL and I found a lot. I will follow up on the suggestions you guys have made. Looks like its shaping up to be a good first project.

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